Why Do People Steal?

So here is my first life lesson: people aren’t all super nice and super helpful. In fact, people can be down right cold. Now you can’t learn a lesson without going through something, so lets hop into it.

So there I was, Black Friday shopping at my local mall with a bunch of friends. Luckily for me, I had gotten a PacSun gift card earlier in the year, and oh did I intend to blow it! My PacSun is going out of business, and they were having a 50% off sale. So this sale, along with my gift card = me being a big spender (well, not too big).

To make a long story short, I would never walk out of the mall with my bag from PacSun. In the chaos that is Black Friday, I lost track of my bag for a maximum of 2 minutes, and during that time, someone snatched it right up and walked off. The rest of the night I dealt with seeing my friends drool over their new clothes, while I talked to every mall cop I could find. And whaddya know? The mall cops were useless. How nice.

So my Black Friday ended with me leaving with nothing. Ended with me looking down as I walked out of the mall. Ended in a way a few hours prior I could never have seen happening. That was my Black Friday. A bummer. But more importantly, I learned from it.

Later that night, after my shopping spree stash was long gone, I realized that there are more reasons than pure greed that contribute to somebody stealing. Adrenaline may have been a factor. Who knows? They may have saw the bag and taken their opportunity all for a rush of that pump up juice. The fear of getting caught along with the excitement of getting something new may have made for a perfect high.

Another thought crossed my mind. I most likely know the thief. My mall isn’t huge, and there were plenty of kids from my school there. Maybe the person that took my stuff used it as a form of revenge. Maybe once upon a time I did or said something to this person that got to them emotionally, and to get back at me they walked off with a free bag of goodies.

But everything I thought of, every possible way for me to see this as an act of something more than plain out greed, all came back to that five letter word. People have no morals. As my generation grows around me, and we kids become adults, I’ve realized that the amount of bad in the world easily out ways the amount of good. And I am contributing to the bad. The shot glass, which was included with the other stolen items, is proof.

I’ve realized that doing the right thing always pays off, and doing the wrong thing, well, pays off in its own, negative way. It was definitely a rough Black Friday. Thanks for reading my rant, I appreciate it!

Oh and one more thing I learned…. Mall cops have earned their reputation for a reason, they’re useless!!!

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